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Artigos em Periódicos – 1999

Callisto, M.; Esteves, F.A.; Gonçalves, J. F. Jr. ; Leal, J.J.F. 1999. Impact of bauxite tailings on sediment granulometry and distribution of benthic macrofauna in an igarapé in Central Amazônia, Brazil. Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society, v. 71, n.4, p. 443-451.

Brum, P.R., Farjalla, V.F., Gonçalves, J.F.Jr., Santos, A.M., Pôrto, M.T., Vieira, E.D.R., Ferreira, F.M. & Bianchini Jr., I. 1999. Aspects of the uptake of dissolved oxygen in Cabiúnas and Imboassica Lagoons (Macaé, RJ). Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology, v. 42, n. 4, p. 433-440.

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