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Artigos em Periódicos – 2013


Rezende, R. S. ; Pinto, M. O. ; Gonçalves, J. F. Jr. ; Petrucio, M. M. . Effects of temperature on detritus decomposition in Brazilian subtropical mangroves. Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia (Online), v. 25, p. 158-168, 2013.

Navarro, F. K. S. P. ; Rezende, R. S. ; Gonçalves, J. F. Jr. . The increase in the temperature and the presence of predators carcass changes the response of invertebrate shredders facing different qualities of leaf litters. Biota Neotropica (Edição em Português. Online), v. 13, p. 00-00, 2013.

Quintao, J. M. B. ; Rezende, R. S. ; Gonçalves, J. F. Jr. . Microbial effects in leaf breakdown in tropical reservoirs of different trophic status. Freshwater Science, v. 32, p. 933-950, 2013.

Albuquerque, L.B.; Aquino, F.G.; Costa, L.C.; Miranda, Z.J.G. & Sousa, S.R. 2013. Espécies de Melastomataceae Juss. com potencial para restauração ecológica de Mata Ripária no Cerrado. Polibotánica, v.35 (1), p. 1-19.

Silveira, L.S.; Martins, R.T.; Silveira, G.A.; Grazul, R.M.; Lobo, D.P. & Alves, R.G. 2013. Colonization by Chironomidae larvae in decomposition leaves of Eichhornia azurea in a lentic system in southeastern Brazil. Journal of Insect Science, v.13 (20), p. 1-13.

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Gonçalves, J. F. Jr. ; Callisto, M. Organic-matter dynamics in the riparian zone of a tropical headwater stream in Southern Brasil. Aquatic Botany, v. 109, p. 1, 2013.

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